Sustainable future is number one focus - Cale Mitchell Letter to the Editor


This past week has been one I could never have imagined. Everywhere I made my presence, I was greeted with friendly smiles, support, and confidence boosts thrown at me from all angles. The avalanche of support furthers my drive to change this town from the ground up.

I met with Steve Barwick and Barry Crocks on Tuesday. I was greeted with nothing but kindness, excitement, and a genuine support and gratitude for my participation in the existing democracy. On Monday, I attended the city council meeting. I was impressed by the fluidity of the council. I was more impressed by the agendas of the evening: the third pillar of sustainability being presented, social sustainability, and the future of Aspen’s water. But the most profound impression I had was the need for a new balance of power in city council. I feel I can add that balance. By standing up for the future generations to come, I will do my best in every regard possible. I want to slow the current construction machine on almost every block of Aspen, opting for progressive innovations to lead the future development: solar, passive thermal heating, and thoughtful design harnessing the natural world to benefit the community.

I will give no promises, make no goals, set no marks; I only want to do what I know is best and right for this community. The sustainable future of this community is my number one focus. I will ask, “Is this for the future of humanity? Is this idea worth our time and money if it only will corrode?” The elephant’s have made themselves at home, taking over many rooms. So when do we start addressing those elephants? When we the people put our foot down, and demand the changes we have the vision to see.

Cale Mitchell

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