Mitchell withdraws name from Aspen Mayoral race due to technicality

A couple dozen feet made all the difference for a technicality that has caused Cale Mitchell to withdraw his name from the Aspen Mayoral race.

Cale Mitchell is an Aspenite. He moved here in grade school and has lived here for two decades. However, the Mountain Valley residence that he and his wife lived in earlier this year is just on the outside of the official city limits. This disqualifies him for running for Mayor. The mistake was discovered yesterday when he went to change his voter registration to his current address, at the Centennial Apartments.

A candidate needs to live within the Aspen's city limits for a full year at the time of submitting their name for office. City clerk Linda Manning said it was a regrettable oversight, and that all other candidates have the proper qualifications to run for office. Mitchell said he will continue to stay involved in Aspen politics and will work on a “landslide” win in 2019.

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