Letter to the Editor - David Houggy

Mesirow cares deeply about future of Aspen


I am supporting Skippy Mesirow for Aspen City Council because I know him to be a thoughtful, rational person who listens closely to different points of view and uses facts and reason to derive his conclusions. He is not afraid to take positions that he is passionate about that some people, even a lot of people, might disagree with. He is also willing to change his mind in the face of new evidence. As a scientist, this is very appealing to me. This is one of the reasons I am working on his campaign team.

Many of the perennial hot-button issues in this election (traffic, dams, 1A, housing, government office space) have been around the block numerous times. The reason for this is that these are oftentimes complex, nuanced problems that require complex, nuanced analyses and understanding to solve. Such problems are the very reason that we live in a representative democracy and not a direct democracy. Our founders intended for us to elect intelligent, thoughtful people who would actually make the hard decisions, and then explain to their constituents the rationale behind their decisions, rather than ask for endless ballot referenda. It is much easier to campaign on stark positions that can be easily summarized; but that’s not particularly useful when it comes to actually governing and building consensus solutions.

I had the pleasure of working with Skippy at the Aspen Science Center for an extended period last year. He is creative, an excellent listener, and genuinely cares deeply about the future of Aspen. I trust him implicitly. I encourage you to call or meet with him to see what he thinks. I think that you will like what you find.

David Houggy

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