Letter to the Editor - Stephen Plachta - Chicago

Mesirow’s drive is unparalleled


I have known Skippy for well over a decade at this point. I felt motivated to submit, with great enthusiasm, my utmost support for his candidacy. I have followed closely his many endorsements and campaign promises. The race is clearly contentious and his resume is clearly distinguished. But this letter is about the true Skippy inside.

Skippy and I became friends during some of the most formative years of our lives. We have seen together both highs and lows. Weathered blizzards that I thought we would never survive. However, I can say that his heart has never changed and his commitment has always remained steadfast. Frequently, driven individuals are focused on their own personal endeavors. Skippy, however, in all the things that he does, never forgets about his roots — his home, family and friends. That is why I see Skippy as the perfect candidate. It’s not about him!

Frequently, politics can be clouded with ideology, self-interest and personal pursuits. But I can say with confidence — this is not Skippy. Skippy brings his energy for others, never confrontational but always open. I am always amazed at when he is approached with heated topics His approach is humbling — “Let’s talk. What ideas do you have? How can I help?”

At times, he reminds me of the “most interesting person in the world.” From his worldwide travels, to his skiing adventures, to his entrepreneurial endeavors or even his work in Aspen to name a few — his experiences have given him a unique perspective. When Skippy was living in Chicago he was tirelessly committed, and worked more than I would ever consider normal. The passion he brought was noteworthy.

Undoubtedly, we also know him for the GQ vibe he brings to Aspen — I mean how can you miss it. But, the magic is tucked away behind the hairspray or the NPR radio that’s blasting when he is working out. I just keep on hearing all the fascinating things he is involved with and the vision he has for each and every one. His connection to political scene is apparent. His convictions are obvious. Skippy inspires!

I have asked him if he would ever leave Aspen, if he would ever consider moving back to Chicago or Washington, where he has been offered prestigious opportunities. This has come with a stern No! Aspen is home, it’s where his heart is and always has been. He has planted his roots.

Yes, I may have a bias because our friendship is nothing short of a blessing. Unfortunately, I am unable to cast a vote since I am not a resident of Aspen. But, Aspen, I promise you won’t be disappointed. His qualifications and dedication speak more.

His accomplishments — distinguished. His drive — unparalleled. With great pride and enthusiasm, I support Skippy for council.

Stephen Plachta
Chicago, IL

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