Letter to the Editor - Riley Tippet

Mesirow will bring open mind to Aspen City Council

I have known Skippy Mesirow for a while and have worked with him on multiple boards and through different organizations. I was very excited to learn of his run for council. Working with Skippy in the past, I have always appreciated that he listens. He is truly interested in your perspective and he uses it to form decisions or opinions.


It has always concerned me both nationally and locally that decisions impacting the future are being made by those who don't or won't necessarily feel the impact. To have a candidate who sits within the generation that will feel the impact of these decisions is enlightening. This is also where his open mind will benefit Aspen. We need to have people on the council who draw on the past to form their vision for the future.

Skippy is a sure pick, someone who will listen to all perspectives, who will bring ideas together, who is passionate about Aspen, what it's been and what it will be.

Riley Tippet

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