Letter to the Editor - Richard T. Lai

Mesirow is intelligent, thoughtful and articulate


I would like to add my name to those supporting Skippy Mesirow for city council.

I am a relative newcomer to the Aspen electorate although I lived here from 1960 through 1965 following a summer stay in 1959, for at that time I was a foreign student and then only an applicant for immigration to the United States with no voting privileges. (Yes, it is a privilege — and not to be wasted, as all immigrants know.) Now I have returned to enjoy retirement in this wonderful community in this fabulous setting.

I first met Skippy at the Aspen Citizens Academy which we had both attended. I had already read about him prior to this encounter for he always seemed be in the Aspen newspapers because of his community service activities. Unlike myself, Skippy seemed to know everyone at our first  Academy class and everyone seemed to know him. “What a brash young man!” I thought to myself.

Well, wasn’t I surprised when this brash young man sought me out at the next class, and invited me out to lunch! Me, an old Asian guy some fifty years his senior with no apparent acquaintances in the community. I was rather noncommittal, for I thought he may have simply made a mistake and wanted to allow him a chance to withdraw. But no, he soon called me by phone and re-extended his invitation, politely chiding me for having left the conference room before he could pin me down. What a persistent young man!

Lunch at the Spring Café with this brash and persistent young man proved both enjoyable and informative. (Again, true to form, Skippy seemed to know half of the diners at the café.) We talked about our lives and our past community service involvement — in my case, VERY past involvement. Also we commiserated together on Hillary’s defeat. (So Trump supporters, kindly disregard this letter.)

On eavesdropping on random conversations — and I am an expert eavesdropper — I have overheard, at least on two occasions, people lauding Skippy as one who can well serve Aspen on the council.

Although I already knew my leaning on this upcoming election, I withheld my support for Skippy until after the #SquirmNight event. The forum confirmed my finding that — beyond being brash and persistent — Skippy Mesirow is an intelligent, thoughtful, and articulate gentleman who is dedicated to public service and to the Aspen community. And so if you can accept the findings of an old Aspen returnee still struggling to understand all the complex issues now facing this community, you too might consider voting for Skippy Mesirow for councilperson.

Richard T. Lai

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