Letter to the Editor - Michelle Muething

Mesirow has the energy to work hard for our community


Over the past seven years the Hope Center has worked diligently to spread the word about mental illness and resource accessibility. The goal was to begin conversations about suicide, substance use and depression in order to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and reaching out for care.

In the past six weeks I have had the distinct pleasure of spending time with Skippy Mesirow. Time partly initiated by his curiosity about the mental health situation in the valley and partly due to my passion to speak about it. In hearing how Skippy perceives, lives and deeply believes in this community, I see him as a potential advocate for mental health in our community.

Skippy stands out as an individual with great passion for young entrepreneurs. He founded and is CEO of Real World Reporting and Chair of Aspen Next Generation Advisory Commission. He is a “doer” and has the energy to work hard for our community in the realm of mental health. Mr. Mesirow, thank you for your dedication and passion to this topic in our community!

Michelle Muething

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