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Vote to support your voice, passion, and vision

This is actually my first ever letter to the editor. Even when I ran for office, I couldn’t find the words I really wanted share about myself or my platform. I hate self promotion. That was part of the reason I left my name out of the hat this year. Two other reasons I decide not to run were I think Torre, and Skippy Mesirow would do a fantastic job.
That’s not why I’m writing this letter though. Although I did tell them both I would write a letter in support

I’ve served with Skippy on P&Z for years. He asks thought out questions, he encourages lively discussions, he votes with Aspen’s best intentions in mind, and he represents a more youthful crowd that seems to be left out of most debates. Most of us get so wrapped up in what Aspen “used to be” vs. what our vision of what Aspen could one day become. I believe that Skippy represents a vision that could tie us all together.
During the time I’ve known Torre, I don’t think there’s ever been a time when I’ve seen him not trying to serve this town. I’ve seen him serve on city council before, I’ve seen him run for mayor, I’ve seen him sit back and watch as this town continues to spin. I’ve never seen him give up on this town though. Yes, we all love Aspen. Yet not all of us seem to remember that love is a verb. What Torre continues to do time and time again by offering up time, money, and the energy is an example of that. You might not always agree with him, but really who do you ever agree with completely?
Even with that to say, that’s not what finally got me on my laptop to write. This morning while reading I realized that editorials are allowed to slander people, which I find offensive. If you’re going to accuse Mesirow of being in developers’ back pocket do you also realize that a majority vote of the Planning and Zoning Board would also be needed to be bought? Or did you simply not think that out? Also please learn the difference between unanimous and majority. And then there’s the fact that yes, Torre has served in office before and has pissed off a few people here and there. It happens. But again, we do not vote on who’s popular, right? Look, I like Ward, and I think Art Daily is the salt of the earth. We’re very fortunate to have good people running for office in such a small town. Really though, it’s who you feel will support your voice, your passion, your vision of what this town might strive to become. The ongoing question of what is small town character? What is locally serving? These statements, and many more are written into code, that are incredibly subjective. What you’re honestly voting for is how are these defined by our city council. Code is written to be subjective, and as crazy as that sounds, it’s done on purpose. It’s one of the things we bash our head against the wall for in Planning and Zoning.
Anyway, my point is find someone that defines these vague and subjective terms the way you feel is right. I have. Good luck Torre and Skippy!

Keith Goode



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