Letter to the Editor - Diane Botica, Scottsdale AZ

Skippy truly dedicated to the Aspen community

(This letter was originally addressed to those who live in Aspen.)

When I am voting for someone, I do my research. I research them online and within the community. You will find when you do your research that Skippy is a doer, not a sleeper. Skippy is the person who cares deeply. When he says that he is going to do something or get back to you, it happens. There is no fluff, just true dedication.

He does his research and makes intelligent decisions. His energy is timeless and unending. There is no better person to be on the Aspen City Council. He loves Aspen and will give his last ounce of energy to be sure things are done correctly and in the city’s best interest. He has been a part of Aspen as many years as he has been alive. No truer candidate exists. Be wise and vote for Skippy.

Diane Botica
Scottsdale, Ariz.

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