Letter to the Editor - Dave Mayer

Mesirow is driven, positive, passionate about Aspen


At the 2015 ACRA Awards Dinner at the St Regis, I approached Skippy Mesirow to introduce myself. He had just received the Defy Ordinary award for his work with NexGen and in the community. Clearly he was driven, positive and passionate about Aspen — and that was just my first impression.

For 17 years my job has been to build engineering teams for both large scale and startup companies across the country. An essential aspect of my role is to truly understand who I am working with, determine what motivates them, and assess their personality fit for any given organization I am working with. In short, I’m paid to be discerning and critical in my approach to hiring the right people for the right job.

Since that awards show more than two years ago, I’ve gotten to know Skippy quite well both personally and professionally while we worked to bring our nonprofit, Aspen Entrepreneurs to life, and my initial impression of him has proven true. He’s one of the most honest and driven men I know.

Skippy is driven in particular by one word: citizen. Skippy understands that our freedoms are not free. He understands that we all must stand up at some point; from those who stand in military uniform here and abroad, all the way to local legislators standing up for community members. Skippy believes his time has come to stand up for Aspen. I believe he’s left no doubt about his commitment to the city. He has spent literally countless hours attending city council meetings, he knows the people and the processes well, he stands as an example as chair of the Planning and Zoning Committee — and as the Aspen Chamber noted, he helped to increase voter turnout through NexGen by be reaching out and proactively activated all demographics and voting blocks, not just those who shared his views.

Some may say that Skippy is perhaps ahead of his time and that the incumbents are best suited to serve this town. I could not disagree more. Change is required in 2017, and there is no doubt in my mind that Skippy Mesirow most certainly has Aspen’s best interests at heart.

As someone who vets candidates and team members for a living, I can say with no doubt in my mind, if you give Skippy Mesirow your vote on May 2, you will not be disappointed.

Dave Mayer

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