Letter to the Editor - Chris Klug

Olympians for Skippy, Local Legend Chris Klug Serves as Treasurer

I am writing in support of my friend Skippy Mesirow for City Council. While I always vote, I don’t often get involved campaigning. My life’s mission through Chris Klug Foundation is to change the face of organ donation in our country, to ensure everyone that needs a life-saving transplant can get one just like I did almost seventeen years ago. That’s an apolitical goal that we should all share. All of the candidates running for office this spring in Aspen are my friends. I admire all of them for standing up for our community, and for what they believe in, while striving to make our town a better place. While there are some other good candidates, I am proud to act as treasurer and help support Skippy Mesirow.


He is honest, hard working and creative. He brings a fresh new perspective to local politics; and a level of commitment to get the job done. You will get 100% from Skippy. His passion and positive attitude are infectious, which will serve him well on city council. I encourage you to visit www.skippyforcouncil.com and check out his videos and platform. After living in Aspen most of my life my family and I are now enjoying being in Snowmass Village. I regret that I will not have the opportunity to vote in Aspen this week, but if I did one of my votes would be going to Skippy. Get out and vote! Happy springtime!


Good luck. Thinking of you and praying for a positive outcome. Proud to have been a part of your campaign. Thank you for including me. 


Chris Klug

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