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As a councilmember, I will represent you with a unique style and approach to the job. I will serve as an innovative, inclusive, collaborative, accessible and courteous leader who practices good listening, critical thinking, and has the courage to execute a strong vision.


In Our Government We Trust.

We need to ensure that our government works for all of us. We need to reestablish open communications, rebuild trust and use modern tools to better serve government’s intended purpose of representing everyone.

a. The makeup of council should be representative of the makeup of our population.

b. Members of council should be accessible to the people, and open to hearing different points of view.

c. Our government should be proactive about informing the citizenry of important issues and pending decisions, so that all that wish to can participate in the process and do so easily and with effect.

d. We need to streamline and modernize our government, looking at new ways of leveraging technology and best practices across all areas of operation, including how City Council operates and how you suggest and have input on critical decisions.

e. Remove procedural and structural roadblocks to good government that obscure the facts and inhibit good decision-making. 

f. We need to focus intently on increasing voter participation.


We need to create an increasingly livable city, by ensuring that our infrastructure works for all of us. We need to create a community that is more livable, unified, and connected in common purpose informed through the built environment.

1. Aspen's Affordable Housing.

a. Aspen should convene a valley-wide housing discussion to address our housing needs systemically and symbiotically.

b. Continue to support and expand the housing credits program.

c. Modernize and digitize the housing inventory tracking so that we can accurately assess its current state.

d. We need a system of incentives to optimize our existing housing stock and provide units appropriately tailored to the needs of each generation of our community, supporting those who helped build our amazing community while housing the workforce of today.

e. Future affordable housing design should be as adaptable to a changing workforce as possible, including new (to Aspen) ideas like modular construction, flexible floor plans, space-optimization, and smaller bedroom spaces with shared living spaces.

2. The Human Touch and Creating Integration Through Collaboration.

Aspen can be more vibrant, diverse, green, and community oriented if we re-appropriate the 40% of our public lands given to cars to people, community, and nature.

a. Create a valley wide public transportation that offers a preferable user experience more functional and convenient than driving.

b. We need to ensure that the downtown is accessible, safe, comfortable and inviting for pedestrians, while at the same time ensuring that we do not unduly interrupt local commerce and residents.

c. Encourage urban design that fosters a sense of community and encourages spontaneous interactions and conversations.

d. Better manage car utilization and give some of their space back to the community for use as common space, parks, and new small businesses.

e. Manage the impacts of events and festivals with a master plan to provide a safe balance between outdoor, adventure, intellectual and cultural tourism that reflects our intentions and needs.

3. The Future, Aspen's Livable Business Mix.

Aspen works best when we have the right business mix, the right balance between independent shops and chain stores. The future of retail will be different than the past. We should implement proactive policies to innovate and lead in the retail, hospitality, and service sectors. We need policies that will continue to result in the right mix over time to meet changing needs.

a. Remove regulatory barriers and provide incentives for small and local business.

b. Promote collaborative spaces in which businesses share infrastructure and create community through experience building.

c. Enable the use of underutilized public spaces for use as startup locations for small and entrepreneurial businesses.

d. Convene a public/private partnership to create space for creative, young, and new businesses to thrive. This may include government funding or space, though not necessarily, but should not be government run. Hawker centers and Co-ops are good models to consider.


The Environment.
As a City Council member, I intend to ensure that Aspen maintain and strengthen its role as a leader in environmental stewardship. Our responsibility as elected officials is not to demagog or create false dichotomies, but to educate ourselves fully on the details and nuances of positions from all side, and help accurately and truthfully transmute them to the public for a more informed, rational, collaborative debate.
This includes:
  • Implementing a smart environmental policy that allows us maintain our water rights for an uncertain climate future while saying no to the proposed dams.
  • Working through our zoning and urban design to focus on a more efficient and synergistic built environment
  • Working to reduce the consumptive profile of the mountain lifestyle
  • Pushing for green, efficient, modern mass transportation
  • Working to house more of our workforce locally to eliminate the need for car trips and congestion
  • Working with other cities and experts to stay on the cutting edge of green tech and climate planning
  • Building on the vocal role our community has taken as regional and international cheerleader for climate action 


No to Castle and Maroon Creek dams.
We can:
1. Say no to the currently proposed dams
2. Work to maintain our water rights  
3. Explore other (future) methods for water storage outside our wilderness area
4. Execute prudent leadership that ensures water security 
5. Take prudent steps to plan for an uncertain climate future.

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