Letter to the Editor - Derek Johnson

Looking for balance

Skippy, Art\Ann, Skadron. That is how I see it!

I am giving one of my two votes for Aspen City Council to Skippy Mesirow. I believe strongly that having a balanced Council is critical to having a functioning board that brings varied viewpoints and positions. The current council has led well but it is time for a new voice. Skippy has served Aspen on the Planning and Zoning Commission, Aspen Next Generation as well as many other community focused organizations. 

My second vote will go to Art or Ann. Skadron should finish his final term as our successful Mayor and then take a job in a fireworks factory! 

Derek Johnson

Letter to the Editor - Ashley Feddersen

Stay happy and vote Skippy for council

Over the past two years, I have become more involved with Aspen politics. I fought to return city hall to its original purpose as a community center. I joined and became president of Aspen Young Professionals Association. I joined the local Get Out The Vote team to increase the younger demographic of voters in our valley. And I spawned the idea and then the creation of the annual voter awareness event for AYPA to get our younger voters in the know each year.

I’m not trying to pat myself on the back, but I’m listing these items as I couldn’t (and most likely wouldn’t) have done any of these without Skippy pushing me and telling me I could. He made me want to be a better citizen of this town and in turn, I am.

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Letter to the Editor - Charles Lucarelli

Mesirow will blend generations

Talk is cheap. Skippy Mesirow's action-based ideology is the keystone that makes Skippy a person of interest for the upcoming Aspen City Council race. Skippy is my choice for Aspen City Council. Why??My reasoning is based on his integrity, motivation, determination and "call-to-action" mindset to tackle the challenges of governmentally delayed decision-making thus inhibiting creative concepts that have short-changed Aspen.


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Letter to the Editor - Chris Bendon

With Mesirow, council will let its hair down

I'm impressed with Skippy Mesirow. I'm impressed with his work on NextGen and Aspen Entrepreneurs. It demonstrates passion but also some serious work ethic and follow-through. I'm impressed with how much he cares about Aspen and I'm impressed with how easily he engages with people and actually cares about their opinion.

There's a sense of possible, which is so refreshing. With Skippy, I think the council will reflect the makeup of this community and be more accessible. I also think his manicured hairdo will balance out Mayor Steve Skadron's unruly, moppy thing.

Chris Bendon

Letter to the Editor - Stephen Plachta - Chicago

Mesirow’s drive is unparalleled


I have known Skippy for well over a decade at this point. I felt motivated to submit, with great enthusiasm, my utmost support for his candidacy. I have followed closely his many endorsements and campaign promises. The race is clearly contentious and his resume is clearly distinguished. But this letter is about the true Skippy inside.

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