Letter to the Editor - RJ Gallagher Jr.

The thinks you can think with Skippy on council

It's election season once again in the old mining town. I'm thinking it's time for Aspen to elevate their collective sights higher than ever when it comes to electing the next City Council members. Think hindsight into foresight. Think yesterday, today into tomorrow. Think left and think right and think low and think high. Think community. Think balance. Think fresh. Think a hop, Skippy and a jump for Aspen.

Skippy for Council is the thinking person's choice. Please think about it, Aspen. And then vote.

RJ Gallagher Jr.

Aspen Times - ACRA forum

ACRA forum entices lively exchange among candidates

Anna Stonehouse/Aspen Times

Incumbents Art Daily and Ann Mullins lauded their work aligning development rules with the community's desires.

Candidate Ward Hauenstein stayed on his message of protecting local businesses and having the voters decide on damming Castle and Maroon creeks, should it ever come to that. Thirty-year-old Skippy Mesirow continued to emphasize his youth and innovative problem-solving and community-building as an asset.


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Letter to the Editor - Tyler Wilson

Aspen needs Mesirow on council

I am writing to recommend Skippy Mesirow for Aspen City Council. I have had the pleasure of working with Skippy for the past year and a half in the development of a local nonprofit called Aspen Entrepreneurs. Without question, Skippy has been one of the primary catalysts in promotion of Aspen Entrepreneurs and its mission of promoting small business and entrepreneurship in Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley. Skippy's commitment to our community and his desire to see Aspen thrive is unparalleled. His work acumen, ability to connect people, ability to execute on plans to achieve objectives, his skill in having community foresight and genuine thoughtfulness are characteristics we need in an elected official. Skippy loves our community and will put our interests first so that Aspen can continue to be this wonderful place we call home.

Tyler Wilson

Letter to the Editor - Duncan Clauss


Vote for Skippy for Aspen City Council. He will bring a fresh perspective to City Hall. I have witnessed Skippy's dedication to Aspen first hand, and he cares deeply for the character of this town. Your City Council's decisions affect every aspect of Aspen's future, and we are Aspen's future.

Your vote matters and is more necessary than ever before. Mail-in ballots went out April 10, so get it filled out and in the mail before you skip town for the offseason.

Vote Skippy Mesirow for Aspen City Council.

Duncan Clauss

Stick to the facts, not attacks - Marcella Larson Letter to the Editor

To whomever is attacking Marcella personally: Cut it out! Use facts, listen, learn

It's too bad that my opposition to Aspen's wilderness dams subjected me to attacks on Facebook, etc., and most recently comparisons to Donald Trump, no less. This is a valid and important public policy issue, which every candidate should answer without resort to personal attacks against the person who brought it up (me, along with many others).

It's really simple, and something every public official or anyone running for office should be able to answer: Are you for or against wilderness area dams, and if you're an incumbent, have you done anything in your four years in office to make sure these dams won't happen? Aspen has plenty of ways to protect in stream flows without pursuing dams.

Marcella Larsen


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