Letter to the Editor - Danielle Mills

Skippy Mesirow a natural-born leader

I first met Skippy Mesirow through friends at an Aspen event and wondered how it was that I had never met him before, because he is the type of person you do not forget. He has an energy and passion for life that truly makes him unique and unforgettable. On top of that passion, he also has compassion. He cares deeply about his friends, family and his community.

These are just a few of the reasons why I believe having Skippy represent Aspen as a council member would be beneficial to the entire community. He is not only a great thinker and creator, but a good listener. He would be the perfect liaison between the people of Aspen and our community government.


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Letter to the Editor - Aaron Culbertson

Council is next stop for Mesirow’s evolution

I'm writing you today to share my strong support for Skippy Mesirow for Aspen City Council. I first met Skippy during his first semester at the University of Colorado, Boulder. I learned quickly that Skippy is a kind, generous human being with a deep passion for other people. While he moved here to attend our university, he truly found his calling and his home in Aspen. Unlike most students, Skippy had chosen to take courses during the summer and fall terms so that he could live in Aspen during the ski season as a lover of the community. During several trips to visit Skippy in Aspen, I could see the passion, even as a college student, that he had for the community and for the outdoors.


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Aspen Times - Entrance to Aspen

Aspen candidates mull citizen’s proposal to open bus lanes to all vehicles

Lauren Glendenning/The Aspen Times

The Entrance to Aspen subject is one that has reared its head in political discussions for a good 40 years, but what about the exit from Aspen?

Aspen resident Jay Maytin at a Jan. 19 meeting of the Elected Officials Transportation Committee asked the upper valley's political leaders if they would consider opening the designated bus lane to all vehicles on Highway 82 from the roundabout to Buttermilk during the afternoon rush-hour commute out of Aspen. Maytin posed that it could be done on an experimental basis during a busy summer week.

Maytin's idea was met with resistance from officials at the meeting, but candidates for Aspen City Council and mayor appear to be more willing to consider the experiment.


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Letter to the Editor - Aaron Hill

A voice for our generation

Year after year we receive young, seasonal workers who may stay for a season or a few, but don't be fooled — there is a vibrant community here of youngsters interested in building a life here.

Upon meeting Skippy Mesirow I was taken aback by all of his concurrent endeavors, yet it was clear that he brought a hardworking ethic as well as a new perspective anywhere he went.

Through Skippy's unique approach I believe that Aspen will be on a new track, one that will provide solutions rather than solving half of a problem due to nostalgia or big money being thrown behind a particular idea.

Consequently I am thrilled to support Skippy for council and I look forward to truly being represented!

Aaron Hill

Letter to the Editor - David Mills

Mesirow puts Aspen first

Skippy Mesirow is one of the most determined and dedicated people I have had the pleasure to meet. He embodies a give-first attitude and consistently puts the needs of others before his own. Through his work with Aspen Entrepreneurs, the Aspen Next Generation advisory commission and as a chair for the Planning and Zoning Commission, he has demonstrated his ability to handle responsibility, lead others and manage multiple commitments at once.

His energy and drive are exactly what is needed to help create an even better Aspen. He always takes the time to get to know each and every individual he comes into contact with, across all generations. He not only represents the younger generations of Aspen, but has the maturity to understand the needs of all.

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