Letter to the Editor - Jesse White, Illinois Secretary of State

Illinois Secretary of State endorses Skippy Mesirow

Dear Aspen residents,

It is with great pride that I recommend Skippy Mesirow for Aspen City Council. I have known Skippy for many years and he has proven to be a dedicated leader and true public servant.

Skippy is hardworking, focused and committed to making a difference. As a volunteer for my program that benefits Chicago's at-risk youth, Skippy worked tirelessly to help me offer a positive alternative to the negative aspects in our society. This program, the Jesse White Tumbling Team, is a juvenile delinquency prevention program that has benefitted over 17,500 young people.

Skippy also served a key volunteer in helping me organize a program that created college scholarships to underprivileged students seeking higher education, as well as working as a key member on my successful 2010 campaign for Illinois Secretary of State. I am currently serving in my fifth term in office.

Skippy will bring this same energy and attention to detail to the residents of Aspen. He has a unique ability to bring people together and work toward the common good. He believes, like I do, that volunteerism is vital to helping those in need and building a stronger, better community.

The city of Aspen will be well served with Skippy Mesirow on the City Council. I am proud of his work, and I am sure he will make you proud too.

Jesse White
Illinois Secretary of State
Founder and coach, Jesse White Tumbling Team

Letter the Editor - Lindsey Palardy - Maryland

An optimistic voice for Aspen

Over the four years I lived, worked and volunteered in Aspen, I was lucky to meet some very special people. Skippy Mesirow, who is now running for City Council, is one of these people. I served with Skippy on Aspen's Next Generation Advisory Commission, and his enthusiasm for Aspen and its future is contagious.

Here are a few reasons why I enjoyed working with him: (1) He has energy. Big time. (2) He is optimistic and persistent. (3) He is curious.

These qualities matter in local politics. Let's be honest — politics can at times be slow, frustrating and oppositional. Members of council need to hang in there and listen to all voices, and I know Skippy will do just that. Even if he doesn't agree with you, he will give you the time you deserve. He will meet you for coffee. And he will respond to your emails within microseconds (OK, slight exaggeration). In all seriousness, he loves to learn, and this includes learning from others.

While I wasn't able to make Aspen my permanent home, I know that Skippy is committed to helping you continue to live — and thrive — in this beautiful place. I can attest that he is deeply committed to the Aspen community, and I am excited to see how his energy, optimism, persistence and curiosity continue to contribute to Aspen's future.

Lindsey Palardy
Silver Spring, Maryland

Letter to the Editor - Bo Gallagher

Cast your important vote for Skippy Mesirow

To vote and why it matters: It's the foundation. The placeholder. Day-to-day, we do our thing. Routine is something we all get used to, and over time, we are given the chance to make a decision that can positively affect our daily lives. It's our vote. A single vote can put us in a direction that not only betters ourselves, but also betters our wellbeing, livable environment, and last but not least, our day-to-day routine in the cherished place we are lucky to call home, Aspen.

Skippy Mesirow is someone I can put my trust in to make positive decisions based on community direction. So, be sure to vote. You have then helped from the foundation that makes us, as a community, strong and resilient. Do your part. Every vote matters.

Bo Gallagher

Letter to the Editor - Michelle Kiley

Another pitch for Mesirow

It is my pleasure to endorse Skippy Mesirow for Aspen City Council just as it has been my delight to befriend and know this incredible, energetic and thoughtful candidate over the past few years.

I have much to say on the subject of Skippy's ability to listen carefully and thoughtfully regard considerations before him as he and I have met and talked on numerous occasions regarding matters for Aspen Entrepreneurs and other professional involvements. If he brings a fraction of his many strengths to the office of City Council as evidenced in those encounters, then I am inspired to imagine living in a town as hopeful and pioneering as that believed in by Aspen's founding visionaries. In my efforts to invite residents of Aspen to be involved (here I am referencing our posters and art encouraging voting!), I directly petition you not to be indifferent about voting your privilege. Your vote matters deeply. Your participation is critical to a functioning government locally and beyond. Don't be indifferent. The great tragedies afflicting much of our hopeful planet does impact our charmed lives here. Thank you for considering my comments, and I hope I see you soon!

Michelle Kiley

Letter to the Editor - Diane Botica, Scottsdale AZ

Skippy truly dedicated to the Aspen community

(This letter was originally addressed to those who live in Aspen.)

When I am voting for someone, I do my research. I research them online and within the community. You will find when you do your research that Skippy is a doer, not a sleeper. Skippy is the person who cares deeply. When he says that he is going to do something or get back to you, it happens. There is no fluff, just true dedication.

He does his research and makes intelligent decisions. His energy is timeless and unending. There is no better person to be on the Aspen City Council. He loves Aspen and will give his last ounce of energy to be sure things are done correctly and in the city’s best interest. He has been a part of Aspen as many years as he has been alive. No truer candidate exists. Be wise and vote for Skippy.

Diane Botica
Scottsdale, Ariz.

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