Letter to the Editor - Goode

Vote to support your voice, passion, and vision

This is actually my first ever letter to the editor. Even when I ran for office, I couldn’t find the words I really wanted share about myself or my platform. I hate self promotion. That was part of the reason I left my name out of the hat this year. Two other reasons I decide not to run were I think Torre, and Skippy Mesirow would do a fantastic job.
That’s not why I’m writing this letter though. Although I did tell them both I would write a letter in support

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Letter to the Editor - Michelle Kiley

Skippy listens carefully and thoughtfully


It is my pleasure to endorse Skippy for council just as it has been my delight to befriend and know this incredible, energetic and thoughtful candidate over the past few years. I have much to say on the subject of Skippy’s ability to listen carefully and thoughtfully regard considerations before him as he and I have met and talked on numerous occasions regarding matters for Aspen Entrepreneurs and other professional involvements.

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Letter to the Editor - Jayne Gottleib

Skippy Mesirow is an inspirational leader

I am a total sucker for passion, style, intelligence, eloquence, confidence and determination.

Skippy Mesirow really had me at that!

And deeper than that, working with Skippy as part of Aspen Entrepreneurs, as well as through a handful of other community forums, I continually find myself inspired, impressed and activated after spending time with him.

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Letter to the Editor - Peter Fornell

We’ll be fortunate to have Skippy’s commitment, vitality


Experience counts. Set age aside, Skippy is a most experienced candidate. Serving as chair of two lower boards as a volunteer for our community has prepared him for the job he is asking for. Skippy has done a fantastic job and we will be fortunate to have his commitment and vitality serving us on city council. Vote Skippy.

Peter Fornell

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Letter to the Editor - Mladen Todorovic

Skippy Mesirow is a ‘tide of positive energy’

I have been privileged to know Skippy Mesirow for about five years. I have always enjoyed conversations with him, weather we talked about issues I encountered with my business or just about any other topic. He was always friendly, tactful and sometimes diplomatic.

On many occasions his out-of-the-box thinking have led me to change my own, and I believe that he will capably provide desired new ideas and approaches to the many matters with which City Council must deal.

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