Letter to the Editor - Steve Wickes, Aspen

Mesirow would offer youth and energy to city council


There are five great candidates running for two seats on the Aspen City Council. Each one could do a great job. It’s too bad we can’t elect ‘em all. So how do you choose? 

One candidate offers something that none of the others can. He’s young, energetic, and he has a proven track record of bringing smart new ideas to fruition.

I’m an older guy (not sure when that happened), and I have enjoyed working collaboratively with Skippy Mesirow on several projects over the past few years.

Diversity is a good thing. When it’s time to choose your two, pick Skippy for sure – and then add your favorite from the remaining list. 

Steve Wickes


Planning & Zoning Chair Skippy Mesirow and four others look to round out the Aspen City Council field

Deadline approaches for prospective city council and mayoral candidates

At least one runoff is likely in council race

Monday at 5 p.m. is the deadline for prospective candidates to file nominating petitions in order to make the May 2 ballot for Aspen’s municipal council and mayoral election.

City Clerk Linda Manning said she wouldn’t be surprised if another candidate or two came out of the woodwork before the filing deadline, but the basic parameters of the field appear to be set.

Incumbents Art Daily and Ann Mullins will defend their seats against three challenges: Torre, a former two-term council member; Ward Hauenstein, a longtime local and political observer; and Aspen Planning and Zoning Commission member Skippy Mesirow, who has been active in Aspen politics since helping to launch the Next Generation Advisory Commission in 2013. A council term is four years long.

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Letter to the Editor - Julie Engles, Aspen

Mesirow a breath of fresh air in Aspen politics


I am thrilled by the prospect of Skippy Mesirow being elected to Aspen City Council. Not only is this young gentleman whip smart, articulate and well-informed on the community’s pressing issues, but he is open, warm, and lends a listening ear before ever sharing his thoughts in return.

One of my initial observations of Skippy upon our first meeting where he was interviewing me for the executive director position of the mentorship program, was the prominent CITIZEN tattoo on his inner forearm. After working closely with him for the last 6 months, he truly embodies this word. Between Next Gen Commission, Planning and Zoning, Aspen Entrepreneurs, and the Mentorship Program, Skippy works tirelessly yet makes it seem effortless. And isn’t that the very reason we share a bit suspicious of just how in the heck he gets it all done?!

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Skippy's Issue Positions

IMG_9085_(1).JPG What I care about


As a councilmember, I will represent you with a unique style and approach to the job. I will serve as an innovative, inclusive, collaborative, accessible and courteous leader who practices good listening, critical thinking, and has the courage to execute a strong vision.

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skippy head shot

Skippy Mesirow makes Aspen City Council campaign official

Skippy Mesirow has regularly attended Aspen City Council meetings for the past several years. Now the 30-year-old is aiming to sit on the other side of the meeting room.

Mesirow officially declared his candidacy for City Council on Tuesday, joining a field that includes incumbents Art Daily and Ann Mullins as well as challenger Ward Hauenstein. Former Councilman Torre also has expressed his intention to run. The election for the two open seats is May 2.


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