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    Letter to the Editor - Amanda Rae

    Mesirow is the voice of a generation

    Recently I ran into two people who — against all odds — didn't know Skippy. "You must know Skippy," I told them. "Young, energetic, articulate, dramatic sweep of blond hair — he's running for Aspen City Council. He's a passionate, progressive entrepreneur. Kind of a prodigy, but super social and charismatic. Skippy is the voice of our generation."

    They seemed intrigued, so I told them why I'm voting for Skippy: He's our candidate for a modern, sustainable, happy future, I said. He aims to digitize housing inventory in Aspen so we can see the full picture — like, how has this not happened yet? Skippy wants to open up empty, under-used spaces for small businesses, start-ups, and collaborative workspace. His position on urban development reflects an understanding that community connection in this valley is crucial to individual wellbeing. He's traveled the world on personal and humanitarian missions — no wonder he's against dams that might jeopardize our precious water supply. Everyone's pro-environment, but Skippy will be around the longest to endure climate change … so you know he cares the most! And he has the vitality to get real work accomplished, not just talk about it.

    Skippy is the voice of our generation, I repeated. Let's make sure that voice is heard loud and clear.

    Skippy for mayor 20XX!

    Amanda Rae

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  • Letter to the Editor - Linzy Raquel Upton-Spatz

    Aspen's golden boy

    I have heard Skippy Mesirow described as outgoing, talented, intelligent, reliable, etc., and while I agree with all these descriptions, I am lucky enough to call him my big brother and best friend. In the past 20 years, there is no one I have ever looked up to like I do Skippy. I admire him so dearly not only because he is my brother but because there is no better role model anyone could have.

    Skippy has always made sure to lead by the best example he could set for a little sister 10 years younger. One of the most important things that he taught me, however, was to put 110 percent into everything as he does, whether it is work, philanthropy, helping out other Aspen residents, or his relationships. I know that just as he has always put 110 percent into everything I have ever seen him do in 20 years, he would put 110 percent into being your councilman.


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  • Letter to the Editor - Benji Felch

    Mesirow is a model citizen

    I write this letter to speak about one of my oldest and dearest friends and confidants, Skippy Upton Mesirow. He would be an amazing council member for the city of Aspen. Skippy is always around when you need a hand, sage advice or any type of assistance; to be frank, he is one of the kindest and most caring people I have ever met. If given the opportunity, he will make Aspen a better place for all its residents.

    Skippy and I worked on the campaign of the secretary of state for Illinois, Jesse White. During this time, I saw first-hand the passion he held for civic duty. It is hard to explain the grind of a political campaign to someone never involved in one; it is like rubbing stones together to make sand. We phone banked, made donor calls, worked with other politicians, created mailers, and worked with local voters and individuals. For many, this would feel overwhelming, but with Skippy on my side, we always learned, helped others and had fun. He is what politics needs, a true outside thinker who acts for the betterment of society and not for personal gains.


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  • Letter to the Editor - RJ Gallagher Jr.

    The thinks you can think with Skippy on council

    It's election season once again in the old mining town. I'm thinking it's time for Aspen to elevate their collective sights higher than ever when it comes to electing the next City Council members. Think hindsight into foresight. Think yesterday, today into tomorrow. Think left and think right and think low and think high. Think community. Think balance. Think fresh. Think a hop, Skippy and a jump for Aspen.

    Skippy for Council is the thinking person's choice. Please think about it, Aspen. And then vote.

    RJ Gallagher Jr.

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  • Aspen Times - ACRA forum

    ACRA forum entices lively exchange among candidates

    Anna Stonehouse/Aspen Times

    Incumbents Art Daily and Ann Mullins lauded their work aligning development rules with the community's desires.

    Candidate Ward Hauenstein stayed on his message of protecting local businesses and having the voters decide on damming Castle and Maroon creeks, should it ever come to that. Thirty-year-old Skippy Mesirow continued to emphasize his youth and innovative problem-solving and community-building as an asset.


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